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    "As has been said, whatever his fate, we can look him [Moyes] in the eye even if some players can’t, that at games our support has been solid, and much better. As good as it’s been in years at home. We are dreamers and being a football supporter is much more fun if you embellish realism with hope, and actually do what it says on the tin; support.

    As we well know, the 90 minutes is just an iota of what supporting United is all about. It is the fixed location of our week and attention but however much of a hold United has over each and every one of us, the 11 men kicking a football is just one tiny aspect of this whole, for want of a better word, mad drug. And like with every drug, there are highs, come downs and over doses.

    United conjures up so much; we remember trips, goals, goons, moments and also mates no longer with us. When we look towards a forthcoming game, again the focus is of course on *it*, the day is much more, we can plan trips with mates, look forward to the pre or post match beer and know that when it comes you can hopefully pack up all your troubles and just get involved and play whatever part you can. Watch United, and dream.” ©

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i don’t need your fucking sass today 


    i don’t need your fucking sass today 

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    We’re Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band! 

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    Batman v. Bane : Batman of Shanghai

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